Mental Disorders
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Corey's Story: One Door Closes, Another Opens
Corey's story comes from RAISE (Recovery After an Initial Schizophrenia Episode), an NIMH research project. One of the objectives of RAISE is to help people with schizophrenia lead productive, independent lives.

Plan For Mental Illness this Holiday Season
If you plan for mental illness this holiday season, perhaps you won't have the same struggles as last year. Here are some ideas to help.

Why delayed onset of mental illness? Genes impact suspect brain areas late
Thickening of cortex areas implicated in mental illness shows increasing genetic influence as the brain develops in childhood and adolescence, NIMH researchers have found. These areas also happen to be the latest to evolve and the last to mature.

Mental Health After Age 60
Dr. Ian Philp, the National Director of Older People's services in Great Britain, discusses mental health after age 60.

When to Seek Counseling for Your Mental Health Video
In this video, Kaia Calbeck, a clinical psychologist at South Miami Hospital, discusses the signs that should make you consider seeking professional assistance for your mental health.