Mental Disorders
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Reviewed Mental Disorders Videos Links

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Psychiatry Terms Video
This very brief video looks first at what psychiatry is.  Then they look at the difference between psychiatry and psychology, as well as the definition of a mental disorder.

VideoJug: Psychiatry Terms

Psychiatry and the Brain Video
This video looks at how a healthy brain works, including what neurotransmitters are and how they affect behavior.  Then they focus on serotonin, dopamine and norephrine, as well as the most common causes of mental disorders.

VideoJug: Psychiatry And The Brain

Mental Health After Age 60
Dr. Ian Philp, the National Director of Older People's services in Great Britain, discusses mental health after age 60.

Mental Disorder Symptoms Video
This video looks at some of the most common symptoms of mental disorders.  Specifically, they examine the definition and role of mania, hallucinations, delusions, and cognitive dysfunctions.  Finally, they look at whether there are things people can do to avoid developing a mental disorder.

VideoJug: Mental Disorder Symptoms

Mental Health Videos
This site offers a wide-range of videos on mental health topics including Psychiatry, Memory problems, Eating Disorders, Personality Disorders, Stress Management, Anxiety Disorders, and more.  The video segments are fairly short (often less than a minute or two) and offer a way to get visual and auditory information about mental health disorders.