Mental Disorders
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Johns Hopkins Health Alerts
Johns Hopkins

This website is a free public service from Johns Hopkins Medicine, to help keep you up to date on the latest breakthroughs on the most common medical and mental health conditions.  You can select your alerts and have the latest news articles sent directly to your email.  Current alerts include topics, such as arthritis, back pain, depression, anxiety, heart health, strokes, nutrition and wellness, and more.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Self-Help Resources
Get Self Help UK
This site provides a very large collection of articles, resources, and worksheets that focus on the use of CBT to relieve mental health issues. Topics covered include depression, anxiety, anger, self-esteem, stress management, sleep issues, eating disorders and many more. The information is well-written and easy to understand. The site also includes a large download area of tracking sheets/worksheets that can be used for self-help or in therapy. Definitely worth checking out!

eMedicine Health - Mental Health Articles
This site provides a wealth of information organized into topic centers, including the Health Resource Centers, Lifestyle/Wellness Centers, First Aid and Emergency, Drug Recalls and Alerts, and Medical Dictionary. Provides easy to understand articles on symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment option for each condition or disorder. Cover both medical and mental health disorders, as well as daily living topics, such as exercise and nutrition.
Provides articles and resources on a multitude of mental health, and wellness topics, including depression, anxiety disorders, abuse, eating disorders, relationship issues, and many more. Easy to understand, informative site.

The Mental Health Foundation
Cliff Prior
The Mental Health Foundation is the UK charity improving the lives of everyone with mental health problems or learning disabilities. Through the use of research, service development and information they increase understanding and meet people's needs. Provides information on support groups, programs, publications, conferences, links and more.