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Women Against Domestic Violence, Inc.
WADV Board of Directors
Women Against Domestic Violence (WADV) is an online organization that seeks to provide support and information to any adult or child who is or has been the victim of domestic abuse. They offer two levels of membership. Support members are emailed a support member graphic to display on their website to proclaim support of the commitment to stop domestic violence. They are also invited to receive the monthy newsletter, Expressions. Shelter members are added to the Yahoo e-group. WADV Yahoo group is more then an e-list who post messages back and forth. The site also contains information on abuse, battering, restraining orders, etc, as well as poetry and personal stories.

An international forum on survival of ritual abuse, torture and mind control. Aside from information concerning educational services and publications of the organization, this site contains suggestions and advice for healing.

After Silence
Vera S.
A community designed to help survivors communicate in the recovery of rape and sexual abuse. Their mission is to support, empower, validate, and educate survivors of rape and sexual abuse, as well as secondary survivors. The main part of the website are message boards where survivors come together and can share their experiences. There are several public forums, but to access most of the forums, you have to register (free). The message boards appear to have heavy traffic. The website also contains a list of resources and other general information.

Bullying.org Where You Are NOT Alone!
Bill Belsey
This site aims to teach people that they are not alone in being bullied and teased, that it is not their fault and that they can do many positive things in order to effectively and successfully deal with these issues. Provides articles and a forum area where people can share stories, poems, and other creative writings about this topic. Also, has an email support group for children under 18 and one for adults.