Child & Adolescent Development: Overview
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Does Your Child Have the Flu or Just a Cold Video
This brief video covers Cold vs Flu symptoms and treatments for each. With the current Swine Flu crisis, it is important to be able to tell the difference between the common cold vs. Flu in children.

Sleep Disorders in Children
Lee Memorial Health System
Dr. Juan Colon discusses sleep disorders in children and treatment options

Kids Score High on Flu Vaccinations
Lee Memorial Health System
Figures from the CDC show more kids than ever received the flu vaccine last year when 56% of those under 18 were immunized.

Accident Proofing Kids
Lee Memorial Health System
Car seats, seat belts and obeying traffic laws go a long way in accident prevention, but kids face additional hazards off the road. The number one reason children go to the hospital relates to falls.

Teaching Kids to Get Moving
Lee Memorial Health System
Pediatricians say parents who exercise are planting a seed of health in their own family. "We recommend that children absolutely stay very active. Numerous national studies have shown that there is an increase rate of obesity if you're also leading a sedentary lifestyle," says Dr. Nancy Witham, a pediatrician with Lee Memorial Health System.