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Asylum Squad: Comic Strip 4


Asylum Squad 4


This installment of the comic is based on my perceived contact with aliens, and on my recurring fears about being around electricity at the time. Feeling extra sensitive through each of my five senses, I feared that electrical current was affecting my health, and for a long while I refused to sleep around it, fearing that it was affecting my health. Often I would camp out under a tree in a nearby park, even though I had a home. Wearing headphones was unbearable, because I was convinced the magnets in my phones were going to give me brain damage. I ended up in a hospital ER one time, demanding a CATscan, because I was convinced I had had an aneurysm - it was given, and of course, the results showed that my health was fine.

(This is the most sexual of the four main characters' stories, though I would hardly call it "erotic".)


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