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Gaining Insight: An Examination of the Relationship between Schizophrenia and Stigma
Amber Christian Osterhout
Amber's brother, Josh, was diagnosed with schizophrenia in 2006.  Amber says that Josh, who represents the millions who have a mental illness, is a very sensitive, empathetic and intelligent young man. He in no way fits the image of mental illness that people see in the media. When mental illness first strikes, a family will realize how misperceptions and stereotypes can perpetuate stigma. Amber created the site to display her art exhibit which is designed to educate and inspire others so that they may view mental illness in a positive light. By gaining insight, she believes that people can replace shame with courage and fear with empathy. Amber feels that those who are affected by schizophrenia or another mental disorder should be commended for their bravery, not judged. She intends to raise awareness in the classroom and eventually on a national level.  The site offers her exhibit, as well as the opportunity to buy prints and to read her blog.